A Barefoot Life

by Perry Costello

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released November 15, 2013

Production Credits: All songs written, recorded and produced by Perry Costello. Excepting: Rand Rohe, who recorded his and Wilbur’s backing vocals. Kofi Bonner who recorded Theresa’s backing vocals. Randy McStine who recorded Michael’s bass. Michael Wu - assistant producer, who was my second set of ears and the source for great sonic advice. CD cover design - Perry Costello

Thanks: Michael Wu, Matt Gallo, Jeff Michael, Jason Brian Merrill, Theresa Sementilli Bonner, Andrew Fetzer, Rand Rohe, Wilbur McCarty, Kofi Bonner, Christöpher Köwalski, Randy McStine, George DeHaven, Ed Clauss, Lee Kelly, Janice Costello, Sandeman Tawny Port, Glennfiddich, and YOU! Thanks to my family for putting up with the recording process.



all rights reserved


Perry Costello Hellertown, Pennsylvania

A singer and strummer getting through life with a guitar slung across his back.

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Track Name: Gemini
© 2012 Perry Costello

Verse 1:
Gemini you brought us together
Gemini you tore us apart
Gemini you made us so brave
you put fear in our hearts Chorus:

You're my excuse for whatever I do
you're my favorite reason to point to
oh my Gemini in the sky
you made us cry and purified

Verse 2:
if it weren't for you I'd feel some more
if it weren't for you, life would be a bore
on my Gemini you've changed it all
as you started on this free fall

Verse 3 :
time went by but you're still the "why"
time went by and you're still the "lies"
on my Gemini I wish you would stay
Oh my Gemini, It's be a nicer day

Verse 4 :
Gemini shines while I'm asleep?
Gemini holds my soul to keep
Gemini shines while I'm away
But slips away by the bright of day
Track Name: Afraid of the Rights
Afraid of the Rights
© 2012 Perry Costello

Verse 1:
Keep your blind fold on, you know what you know
don't let them tell you, just ask plumber Joe
ends gotta meet, when you're just a regular guy
you should check out the stuff that they want you to buy

I'm afraid of the rights, with their blinded sights
I'm afraid of the lefts, with your bleeding heart regrets
I'm afraid of the rights I'm afraid of the lefts
I'm afraid of the rights , afraid of the lefts, afraid of the rights, afraid of the lefts

Verse 2:
keep in step, gotta feed the rich
don't worry, they gonna help you out of that ditch
trickle down on me, as they sip on their tea
trickle down on me, and water my tree

Verse 3:
drill that well, burn that oil, no need for fear
don't worry, god gonna come within a year
Gonna buy your land, gonna lend you a hand
Keeping up with your bills was not within their plans
Track Name: Boots on the Ground
Boots on the Ground
© 2012 Perry Costello

Verse 1:
Boots on the Ground
in your hometown
making that sound
pounding boots on the ground Intro: Intro:

Verse 2:
In 84
Kicking in Doors
Perpetual war
And they still want more

Verse 3:
Standing in Line
I ain't got the time
I'm in a bind
'n losing my mind

Verse 4:
Get someone new
who fits like a shoe
one just like two
and the same for you

Verse 5:
Today is the day
Watch what you say
I ain't going that way
We'll get you someday
Track Name: What They Say
What They Say
© 2012 Perry Costello

Verse 1:
I’m gonna work on Sunday x3
And take off Monday Morn

Woo Oh, It’s okay
Woo Oh, What they say
Woo Oh, Yesterday
Consumes our minds today

Verse 2:
I’ll pick up sticks on Saturday x3
An’ dance with Harlots too

Verse 3:
Gonna eat that tasty apple x3
Knowledge ain’t done no wrong

Verse 4:
Don’t need yer god damn preachin’ x3
It ain’t done me no good

Verse 5:
I ain’t feared of damnation x3
Don’t need yer hate and scorn
Track Name: Barefoot Life
Barefoot Life
© 2012 Perry Costello

Verse 1:
A little more of a barefoot life
Is what I think I need
A little more of back to earth
I’ll find no time for greed

Verse 2:
Ease it on back, and breathe the air
It’ll feel good inside
Something quiet, something still
A smoother life I’ll ride

A barefoot life is what I need x4

Verse 3:
Rustling leaves on a crisp fall day
A snow flake falling on my nose
summer breeze makes me feel fine
morning dews on my toes

Verse 4:
I will go, a little more slow
Taking time to see my world
A little less worried ‘bout self regard
A little more about you girl
Track Name: Bubble and Burst
Bubble & Burst
© 2012 Perry Costello

Verse 1:
When Times were good, I bought a new suit
As time’s gone by, it fits a little loose
Got Bills to pay, there dishes in the sink
One might say I’m near the brink

Bubble & Burst, Who’s gonna be first
Rise & Fall, It happens to us all
Soar & Crash, Put on your mask
When you’re up & down, Nobody’s around

Verse 2:
When times were good I bought a new hat
But as time went by it’s gone a little flat
Got bills to pay, some things to fix
You might say, I’ve taken some licks

Verse 3:
When times were good I bought some new shoes
But as time’s gone by they might need some glue
Got bills to pay, some places to go
One might say that I’ve lost my flow

Verse 4:
When times were good, I bought a guitar
As time’s gone by, it’s earned a few scars
Got bills to pay and I need new strings
One might say, I’ve taken some dings

Verse 5:
When times were good I bought a new car
As days gone by I can’t drive it so far
Got bills to pay, gotta fill the tank
One might say I seem a little blank Chorus:
Track Name: Their Pack
Their Pack
©2012 Perry Costello

Verse 1:
What do they tell you, about people they don't like?
what do they say, about Sam and john and mike
It’s our way of life, so we know what's right
mike‘s a pig farmer, so don't eat pork, they’ll write

They tell you this, they'll tell you that
will you follow their lead, be part of their pack x2

Verse 2:
Are they uneasy, when you speak of change?
Some have new ideas, but they say that they're strange
What do they say, about the bright blue sky
John said it was, But he’s a wicked guy

Verse 3:
Do you know Tim, I heard about him
He wants to take a ride, far up in the sky
he’s got a good idea, To help his fellow man
But the money ain’t there, so they fight it if they can

Verse 4:
they found a cure, For the latest evil plague
but there ain’t no profit, In curing a disease
So Bobby will say, I’m a doctor you know
I serve in the house, And I’m rolling in the dough
Track Name: The Story Teller
The Story Teller
© 2012 Perry Costello

Verse 1:
He started talking on a dark wet rainy day
children were gathered to hear what he had to say
his long gray beard was swaying through the wind
the tale he told would twist and it would bend

A story teller, a twister of tales
a story teller, of hills and dales
a story teller, with a long gray beard
a story teller of the fancy of weird.

Verse 2:
There was good and evil, there was right and there was wrong
there was beauty and fright, there was dancing and there was song
He clutched his pipe and puffed a bright red coal
the story, he told, from deep down in his soul

Verse 3:
the children listened, dancing fire in their eyes
of sunlight and darkness and of the stars in the sky
they would laugh and cry, they winced and they sighed
at the story they heard from this wild and strange old guy
Track Name: Wedge
© 2012 Perry Costello

Verse 1:
we stood up tall for one and all
with all out might we'll stay and fight
for what we see as a guarantee
to plant our seed, to grow our creed

Verse 2:
It might take long, must stay strong
must be wise, we'll win the prize
we might be poor, but still we soar
way up high, we'll reach the sky

Verse 3:
they'll try to create, reasons to hate
to find the way, to make afraid
to point out fault, and make us halt
our cause for good & brotherhood

Verse 4:
they'll set the stage of hate and rage
they'll drive a wedge of fear and dread
to dig and claw, to keep us raw
we stay positive, and give and live

to separate
to infiltrate
to make us hate
to complicate
and fabricate
put up a gate
and irritate
to puncuate?
Track Name: Widow
The Widow
© 2012 Perry Costello

Verse 1:
He had a fancy for the girl in blue
at night she's there for me and she's there for you
she was the jewel of them all
she had a certain siren's call

And he left her a widow
and he walks in the halls
and he left her a widow
and in the night he calls

Verse 2:
old madam brown was in charge of her world
she had her tavern, her inn and her girls
old madam brown she was no fool
but she never did see him loving her jewel

Verse 3:
the girl in blue was a beauty you see
but she wanted some more, she wanted to be free
she told her love that she would bring him down
and confess her story to old madam brown Instr:

Verse 4:
in a fright of despair he gathered her hair
and with his blade he made a nice neat tear
mother of pearl and a crimson flow
and from the rafters he swung to and fro